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Passionate Familiars



Owner & Crafter

Dog groomer by day, crafter by night, I have turned a fun hobby of creating special touches for my furry clients into a small business venture right out of my home. Each piece is hand-made in my home right here in Wisconsin! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife ecology, captive wildlife management and resource management. Dog CPR and First Aid certified. Proud mama to two Siberian Huskies, Logan and Xena and two cats, Thor and Loki.




Logan is a Siberian Husky born in toasty Alabama and raised in the cool state of Wisconsin. He is named after X-Men character fav of his mother's, Wolverine. He knows mushing commands and loves to pull mom on her bike and make friends at the dog park. His favorite toys are tennis balls and squeakers! He is part of Witchypoo's official R & D team.



Assistant Manager

Xena is the newest addition to the coven! She like Logan was born in toasty Alabama and is now living the cool life here in Wisconsin. She is cousin to Logan and named after her mom's fav super woman chick, Xena Warrior Princess. She loves to play with her toys and keep busy with chewies. She is also part of Witchypoo's R & D team.



Customer Service Rep

Rescue from Wisconsin Humane Society, Loki has defied all odds and has the heart of a survivor. He is FIV positive and doesn't let it slow him down! He loves to cuddle, give kisses and greet visitors. Crinkle balls, bags and fuzzy mice makes his day.



Customer Service Rep

Thor is a rescue from the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control. He enjoys the feline dream: good food, sunny window perch, and feather toys. He is a shy guy but loves to groom Logan, his dog.

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